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Introducing the Gazuntite™ Desk Shield.(Patent Pending)

See the NEW Gazuntite Desk Shield—————————————————— 

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School districts investing in Desk Shields made in Huntersville— 

The Gazuntite™ Desk Shield- A new and innovative solution for classroom environments designed to help keep students and teachers safe. With schools back in session, minimizing the spread of germs is essential.

The Gazuntite™ Desk Shield provides an inexpensive and secure way to decrease the chance of spreading germs. Side Mount Fasteners maximize desk space and make for easy removal for cleaning. Top Mount Fasteners are designed for multi sided desks and table tops. Both make installation of the Gazuntite™ Desk Shield fast, simple and effective.

See the NEW Gazuntite Desk Shield


Introducing the HALO Tourniquet.(Patented)

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The HALO is a medical device used to stop life threatening extremity bleeding. Simply place the HALO on the arm/leg above the wound, snug the strap and engage the lever to quickly and effectively stop the bleeding.


Why the HALO Tourniquet?

In a world flush with tourniquets, the HALO is different! Life threatening bleeding is a stressful event. HALO inventors used real world data and combat experience to maximize tourniquet effectiveness and minimize finite motor skill manipulation.

In short, HALO was built to work when we are under stress! HALO is designed to be faster and easier to put on than any other device.
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