Kool Housing® Technology

Introducing a Kool Break Through in Plane Bearing design…

Kool Housing® Technology is the key that unlocks the design challenges of utilizing self-lubricating plane bearings in pillow block designs. Anyone that uses conventional pillow block housings has likely run into their limitations at one time or another.

The Problem: Standard Steel Housings and Roller Bearings are Heavy, Bulky, High Maintenance and Contaminate your Environment with Grease. They are Wash Down Sensitive, and Run Hot Using Self-Lubricating Plane Bearings….

Commonly made from steel, standard pillow block housings are heavy and subject to oxidation and rusting in high moisture environments. The designer is limited to the choice of either a rolling element bearing or a solid polymer insert as the bearing interface. Rolling element (Ball Style) bearings offer low friction, but a high degree of maintenance as they must be greased on a regular basis. Ball bearings are not only sensitive to wash downs, they introduce contaminating greases into your manufacturing environment. Also if they seize, they usually come apart. Solid polymer inserts can be introduced, but frictional heat build-up forces the designer to judge down the PV rating of the insert material due to the thermal insulating nature of the steel itself.

The Solution: Kool Housing® Technology Provides a Maintenance Free, Light Weight Solution that is Clean, Wash Down Friendly, and Run Cooler Using Self-Lubricating Plane Bearings….

Pillow block housings and/or spherical inserts using Kool Housing® Technology provide solutions for all of the above mentioned design challenges. They can be used with a wide variety of insert materials, including standard rolling element bearings, or self-lubricating bearing such as graphite, bronze, and solid polymer inserts (UHMW, Filled PTFE, Acetals and Nylons). Metal jacketed bearings such as the GGB line of DU bearings make a great performance partner with Kool Housings®. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, they can be painted or anodized for corrosion resistance. 3 times lighter than steel housings, Kool Housings® save weight and energy by reducing moment forces when used on armatures. Their primary benefit however is their ability to transfer heat away from the point of frictional contact. Heat enters the bearing system either through the shaft, or by the frictional heat generated by the rotating shaft. The combination of the unique concentric hole pattern and the aluminum itself act as a heat sink, where the heat is dissipated at an accelerated rate keeping the bearing interface as cool as possible. This advantage allows self-lubricating bearings to run at optimum performance in applications that otherwise would not be possible.  Kool Housing® Technology reduces frictional heat build-up, adding life to your bearing, reducing maintenance time which lowers your cost.

Kool Housings® are available in standard pillow block designs, as the housing itself or as a spherical insert. Custom designs are welcome.

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