Gazuntite™ Desk Shield


“Prevention is Elementary”


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Introducing the Gazuntite™ Desk Shield.  A new and innovative solution for classroom environments designed to help keep students and teachers safe.  With schools back in session, minimizing the spread of germs is essential.  The Gazuntite™ Desk Shield provides an inexpensive and secure way to decrease the chance of spreading germs. Side Mount Fasteners maximize desk space and make for easy removal for cleaning. Top Mount Fasteners are designed for multi sided desks and table tops. Both make installation of the Gazuntite™ Desk Shield fast, simple and effective.


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(Patent Pending)
Fits ANY desk or table
Top Mount or Side Mount
Installs in minutes
Maximizes student protection
Quickly remove & re-attach
Easy cleaning and storage
Rounded corners
Flexible for safety
Optically clear / No cloudiness
Custom lengths available
Free custom kitting
Easy classroom dispensation



• Students have a clear view of their teacher, and teachers have a clear view of their students.

• Classroom safe with rounded corners and inherent flexibility.

• The U-Shape design provides protection on three sides at a height of 16 inches. This is ideal for diverting student’s coughs and sneezes from reaching the surrounding area.

• The battle with COVID-19 is real.  Knowing that infected air droplets principally spread through coughs and sneezes, the Gazuntite™ Desk Shield is designed to reduce the chance of these droplets from travelling and infecting nearby students and teachers.

• We are ready to speak with you regarding your needs.

Common Classroom Desk Sizes:

-16” High x 48” Perimeter Length

-20” High x 48” Perimeter Length

-16” High x 60” Perimeter Length

Custom lengths available upon request.

Each Gazuntite™ comes with 6 desk fasteners:
–Top Mount or Side Mount.

Gazuntite™ – Installation Video
Gazuntite™ – Installation Instructions
Gazuntite™ – Cleaning Instructions
Gazuntite™ – Example Table Configurations
Gazuntite™ – FAQs —— Call for pricing: 704-992-8100