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Our company was founded in 2000 by Dan Cedrone having spent over 37 years in the plastics industry. He started back in the early 80’s in the “Family Plastics Distribution Business” as a warehouse hand, sweeping floors, managing inventory and cutting stock shapes to size for local machine shops. Working his way to inside sales then outside sales learning the engineering aspects of polymer science and how to apply his knowledge to benefit his clients. Dan spent most of his career in the field assisting manufacturing engineers and maintenance technicians with everything from material selection to design assistance, including technical seminars and hands-on implementation. Today, Poly-Tech is known as a technically oriented manufacturing company that partners with clients to increase manufacturing efficiencies, decrease maintenance costs, and reduce down time by combining modern day material knowledge with old fashioned experience.

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” Our clients become as loyal to us as we are to them”, says Dan, “We are known for the quality of our final product, whether it be engineering advice, a CNC machined component, or assistance in developing an invention”  Our reputation is a direct result of highly skilled, dedicated employees that truly care about what leaves the building”.   Incoming projects product development, sales and customer service departments are handled with professionalism, courtesy and 30 years of experience.  Operations is overseen by John O’Neill having 30 years in manufacturing. Our customer service personnel have exceptional organization skills and treat clients and vendors alike with courtesy and respect.  “Everyone here contributes to our success. We are very proud of our employees, who they are, their accomplishments, and the way they look forward to the challenges that each day brings.  After all, they are Poly-Tech.

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Have a closer look at Dan Cedrone and Poly-Tech as featured on Carolina Impact Tonight. Get a close up view with some of the employees and customers of Poly-Tech. Catch a glimpse of the philosophy and technology contributing to the ongoing success of this Carolina Impact company

Mission Statement;

To help our clients succeed through our knowledge of manufacturing technologies, materials; specifications & capabilities, powered by an innovative approach to solving problems.