Poly-Texx HPVT Application Listing


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Forest Products

Infeed Conveyor Drive Shaft Bearings
Infeed Conveyor Sprocket Liner Bearings
Debarker Drive Roll Bearings
Debarker Idler Roll Bearings
Mobile Equipment Attachment Bearings
Conveyor Rollers/Bearings
Cable Guide Rollers
Spherical Conveyor Bearing Inserts
Chain Pin Bushings
Log Charger Slide Bearings
Veneer Lathe Guide Bearings
In-Feed Pinch Wheel Rollers/Bearings
Plywood Press Kick-Out Arm Bushings
Stitcher Needle Guide Bushing
Glue Line Spreader Arm Bushings
Veneer Stacker Clevis Pin Bearings
Veneer Dryer Roller Bearings
Veneer Sorter Scissor Lift Bearings
Log Carriage Bearings & Wear Pads
Saw Guides
Debarker Air Cell Shaft Bushings
Rotary Table Bearings
Veneer Slicer Bushings & Wear Pads
Tension Roll Bearings

Tobacco Processing

Blending Drum Support Rollers
Drying Drum Support Rollers
Spherical Conveyor Bearings

Cable Manufacturing

Cable Drum Rollers
Slitter / Re-winder Bushings/Bearings
Sheaves/ Sheave Bearings
Linear Wear


Isolator Bushings


Winding Gear Bushings/Bearings
Coal Cutter Bushings/Wear Pads
Tunneling Equipment Bushings/Wear Pads
Cam Packer Bearings
Break Gear Fulcrum Bearings
Anchor Sheave/ Sheave Bearings
Cable Guide Rollers
Conveyor Rollers
Coal Car Door Bushings/Bearings


Cylinder Piston/Rod Wear Rings
Clevis Pin Bearings
Spherical Rod End Bearings

Food Processing

Pasteurizing Equipment
Dishwasher Bearings & Wear Pads
Mixing Paddles
Conveyor Rollers/Bearings
Conveyor Wear Plates
Scraper Blades
Canning Equipment Bearings & Wear Pads
Filling Equipment Components
Pump Impellers
Valve Bodies
Mixing Equipment Bearings/Components
Rack Casters
Oven Bearings


Stern Tube Bearings
Rudder Stock Bearings
Pulley Block Bushings & Pulley Sheaves
Hatch Cover Bushings

Stabilizer Bearings

Thrust Reverser Bearings
Capstan Bushings & Pintle Bearings
Deck Crane Bushings & Bearings
Overhead Crane Bushings & Guide Pads
Rudder Carrier Bushings
Cargo Door Hinge Bushings
Loading Ramp Bushings And Wear Pads
Mooring Roller Bushings And Thrust Washers
Cargo Pump Bucket Rings & Valve Plates
Circulating Pump Bearings
Windshield Wiper Bushings
Sliding Door Wear Pads
Lifeboat Davit Bushings
Tank Cleaning Equipment Bearings
Fairlead Rollers/Bearings
Transom Flaps
Blast Tight Door Hinges
Periscope Bearings
Bow Cap Door Hinges
Diving Plane & Actuating Linkages


Conveyor Bushings & Bearings
Overhead Conveyor Trolley Wheels
Car Wash Equipment Bearings & Bushings
Degreasing Line Bushings & Wear Pads
Steering System Bushings
Fifth Wheel Wear Pads

Construction/ Facilities

Lift Gate Rollers
Sluice Gate Guide Pads
Pile Driving Pads
Piping System Expansion Bearings
Bridge/Foundation Expansion Pads
Lock Gate Bearings
River Barrier Bushings & Wear Pads

Brewing / Bottling

Pump Bearings
Star Wheel Guides
Conveyor Rollers & Bearings
Conveyor Slide Plates
Labeling Machine Bushings And Wear Pads
Racking Line Conveyor Components
Container Washing/Filing Equipment Components
Idler Pulleys/Bearings
Linear Guide Pads


Filter Plates/Bearings
Agitator Bearings
Digester Bearings
Doctor Blades
Stenter Blades
Squeeze Roll Bushings/ Wear Pads
Conveyor Rollers/ Bearings
Conveyor Wear Plates
Packaging Equipment Bearings

Petroleum/ Chemical

Drilling Shaft Wear Pads
Hydraulic Support Pads
Load Cell Bearings
Pulley Blocks
Sheaves/ Sheave Bearings
Oil Rig Protection Gear
Cathodic Corrosion Protection Equipment
Pipework Spacers
Derrick Bushings
Pipeline Expansion Bearings
Pipeline Isolation Pads
Pipe Connectors
Tank Covers
Orifice Plates
Pump/Valve Components
Compressor Components
Conveyor Rollers/Bearings
Stirrer Components
Drum Support Rollers


Door Slide Strips
Side Bearer Liners
Door Slide Channels
Coal Car Door Bushings/Bearings
Door Actuator Bushes
Friction Air Dampers
Hopper Door Pivot Bushes
Air Spring Pads
Coupler Support Pads
Brake Gear Bushes
Friction Link Suspension Liners
Oil Throwers
Inter-modal Anti-Roll Bar Bearings
Current Collector Bushes
Trip-Cock Pivots
Signaling Actuator Bushes
Gangway Pivots
Permanent Way Switch Gear Pads
Tread plate Liners
Buffer Wear Rings
Sleeper Berth Rollers and Slides
Arc Chutes
Pantograph Skid Plates
Brake Linkage Bushes
Corridor End Faces
Center Bowl Pivot Liners
Coupler Pivot Bearings
Insulating Pads
Spacers & Bushings
Overhead Hinge Pins
Break Hanger Bushings & Washers
Track Testing Wheels
Track Laying Equipment
Cross Arm Bushings
Vacuum Brake Components
Center Pivot Carriage Bearings
Hand Brake Bushings
Spherical Rod End Inserts
Hydraulic Cushioning Device Guide Rings
Sliding Door Rollers
Bowl Liners
Butterfly Valve Bearings


Harvester Bushings & Bearings
Harvester Guide Shoes & Pads
Baler Bushings & Bearings
Mower Bearings and Rollers
Disc Harrowing Equipment Bearings
Irrigation System Bushings & Bearings
Sprayer Bushing & Bearings

Steel/ Aluminum Manufacturing

Crust Breaker Cylinder Bushings
Crust Breaker Cylinder Pistons/Heads
Log Saw Bushings & Wear Pads
Cart Wheel Bearings
Titanium Feed Roll Bearings
Conveyor Rollers/Bearings
Conveyor Wear Pads & Slide Plates
Nip Rolls
Degreasing Line Rollers
Rolling Mill Bearings
Roll Neck Bearings & Guides Pads
Thrust Rollers
Run-Out Table Rolls
Table Guides
Anode Guides

General Engineering Bushings & Bearings

Pulley Blocks
Slide Plates
Machine Guide way Liners

Water/ Sewage Treatment

Filter Drum Support Rollers
Conveyor Auger Support Rollers
Scraper Blades
Filtration System Bushings
Effluent Slinger Thrust Bearings
Effluent Slinger Radial Bearing Races
Pump Bearings & Components
Piping System Spacers & Expansion Bearings

Material Handling

Clevis Pin Bushings
Crane Out Rigger Bearings
Steering Column Bushings & Wear Pads
Pivot Bearings
Guide/ Wear Pads
Pulley Sheaves/Bearings
Balance Beam Bearings
Shackle Pin Bushings
Axle Support Bearings & Pads
Mast Bearings
Lift Gear & Roller Bushings
Trunnion Bushings
Reduction Gearing Bushings
Control Lever Bushings & Wear Pads


Insulation/Isolation Boards
Switch Gear Bushings
Furnace Insulators

Film Processing

Processing Equipment Bushings & Bearings

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