Invention / Product Development

Some of the greatest inventions were born on a napkin.  We know, we have helped a couple grow up to be life savers.  Our team of engineers can help you turn your idea into reality by assisting you through the process of material selection, design and even creating technical 3D drawings in SolidWorks. It is truly exciting to see your idea as a working 3-dimensional computer model moving across the screen.

From there, ideas takes shape with our new Objet 30® 3D printer from Stratasys, where within hours, real prototypes can be manufactured that you can hold in your hand and check for fit, form, and function. Small production quantities can then be produced so that field testing can be done. Once approved, we are able to move right into production quantities with our in-house CNC manufacturing facility.

Throughout this entire process we team with our clients to help select the right materials and design features to maximize part functionality and minimize cost. We then employ 30 years of manufacturing experience to economize production efficiency.  This process is designed to deliver the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost.