Plane Bearings

Plane Bearings

Poly-Tech offers a wide range of standard plane bearings as well as customized materials and designs.    Our staff has over 50 years of combined experience in real-world applications.  We assist in choosing the right material to minimize maintenance and maximize wear life. We offer prototyping and production manufacturing services. Engineers specify our plane bearings because they are cost efficient, simple in design and can handle high loads in aggressive environments.

We are a full service provider specializing in self-lubricating, low cost and long lasting plane bearings and wear components. Let us help you through the material selection process saving you time and money.

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Introducing a Kool break through in Plane Bearing design…

Kool Housing® Technology is the key that unlocks the design challenges of utilizing self-lubricating plane bearings in pillow block designs. Anyone that uses conventional pillow block housings has likely run into their limitations at one time or another.