Poly-Texx® Bearing Grade Composites

Poly-Texx HPVG

The Poly-Texx® family of self-lubricating Bearing Grade Composites employ the latest in composite technology. Solid and liquid lubricants dispersed within a high strength resin system provide for high load, relatively low speed service.  Poly-Texx® Bearing Grade Composites are proven performers in the construction and agricultural industry as kingpin, knuckle and pivot bearings. Having NSF 61 certification; water treatment facilities use HPVT as flocculator bushings, they are also used in military vehicles in gun turrets and swivel mounts.  They are best used when high strength, low friction, and self-lubrication are paramount in your design.  Poly-Texx® Bearing Grade Composites have an excellent combination of size availability, machinability and low cost.  Various grades are supplied as sheet stock and tubing, and can be machined to standard or custom bearing sizes. With years of proven field performance, they are the designers choice for replacing brass bearings that wear out from high load and vibration.